PCC Missions Philosophy

We believe global involvement in global partnership is a vital part of who we are as a local church at PCC. Global partnership is about joining God in the incredible work He is doing in the world around us. Our desire to serve is born from the belief that God is so wonderful that He should be worshipped by people from all over the world.

PCC supports our global partners by maintaining a Global Ministry Team (GMT), led by a Global Ministry Pastor, as well as a GMT Chair.  Our desire is to serve our partners thoroughly and completely on the field and also during times of return from the field.  This means that we also enlist a team of Advocates who pair with a partner to see to their individual needs for support.  For more information, see the section on Missionary Care.

Global Ministry Team

Global Ministry Pastor: Garrett Spitz

GMT Chair: Jenny Kinter

Members: Carol Bryant, Charlie Carmichael, Patti Cubstead, Mabel Kenney, Mark Shaw, Sarah Touchet