Missionary Care

The Missionary Care Task Force (MCTF) serves our global partners in a variety of ways.  We provide prayer, communication, and care for them by responding to their needs on the field throughout the year, and we ease the transition between home and field by building and nurturing relationships and meeting practical needs while they are back in our community.

Missionary Care Advocates

PCC Advocates are called to come alongside the global partners and serve as the face of PCC to them and be their representative to the body of PCC.  We are a vital link in maintaining the relationship between PCC and its partners while they are both on and off the field.

Members of Missionary Care Task Force

Sarah Touchet, Missionary Care Task Force Chair

(Advocates are followed by their corresponding global partner's name in italics, where possible.)

Bell, Dale and Amy - Kim & Annie Colich

Bryant, Carol

Campbell, Bob and Amy - Rob and Yoko Taylor

Carlson, Pete and Wendy

Carmichael, Charlie and Linda - Rodolfo & Eva Interiano

Clark, Jack and Patty - Carlton & Shannon Deal

Cubstead, Kevin and Patti - Kathleen King

Cumpston , Bill and Robin

Gooding, David

Grimes, Peter and Abby

Grimes, Sue - Meredith & Sandy Elder

Hahne, Dave and Cindy

Hamilton, Chris - Mark & Lois Shaw

Henry, Robert and Sonya - Jon & Kate Shaw

Ledesma, Ron and Whitney - Carlton &Shannon Deal

Kinter, Dwight - David & Sally Lott

Miers, Darline - Carlton & Shannon Deal

Murray, Edward - Daniel Scherbenske

Mynes, Mike and Joy Elliott - "Earl & Lucille W."

Schutt, Robert and Janet

Shaw, Mark and Lois - "Earl &Lucille W."

Silverman, Eric and Kristina

Smith, Josh and Amanda - John & Charlotte Rippy

Touchet, Brad and Sarah - Rebecca Moser & Family

Williams, Dan and Meg - Dave & Cindy Hahne