STINT Program

STINT is PCC's short term internship program geared for participants ages 18-25. STINTs range in length from 1-12 months, and participants provide support and resources in collaboration with PCC’s long-term missionaries. STINTs are also one of the primary ways for the PCC leadership to ascertain whether an individual has the aptitude to become a long-term PCC missionary. 

Participants serve as volunteers, directly supporting and executing ministry on behalf of PCC, and are overseen by the Missions Ministry Team. Upon return from the field, the participant will continue to serve in mission ministry to process their calling for full-time missions.

If you're interested in considering a STINT, please contact Missions Pastor, Tom Kenney.

STINT Communication Guide

Past STINT Participants

Annie Cecil | East Asia | summer 2016

Kathleen King | East Asia / Chad | summers 2016 / 2017

Sarah Williams | fall 2016

Susannah Grimes | Nairobi, Kenya | summer 2015

Charlotte Proctor | Nairobi, Kenya | spring 2015

Grace Barnhill | Nagano, Japan | summer 2014

Mackenzie Carlson | Nice, France | summer 2014 | Facebook page

Matt Powell | Nairobi, Kenya | summer 2014 | Facebook page

Sam Brown | La Paz, Mexico | summer 2012

Peter Grimes | East Asia | spring 2012

Charlotte Rippy | Nairobi, Kenya | fall 2011 | blog

Hannah Teague | Nairobi, Kenya | spring 2011