Short Term Trip Information

  • Stage 1: Application Process - Submit Trip Application and Required Recommendations
  • Stage 2: Selection Stage - Required Team Member Information                                    

Stage 1: Application Process

Submit an Application

Are you interested in joining us on a trip in 2019? Please fill out the 2019 Trip Application.  Each applicant is required to create a profile on Managed Missions.  This site manages our applications and team member data.  It captures your contact, emergency, and medical information that your prospective team leader will need.  (Follow this link to Get Started if you do not yet have a profile on Managed Missions.) 

Request Recommendations

Recomomendations from two individuals are required to accompany your application.  Please share the Mission Trip Recommendation form with at least two people (at least one must be a ministry/church leader) and have them fill it out and submit online to PCC.

If accepted, please see Stage 2 below.

Stage 2: Team Member Selection Stage

Have you been selected to be part of a short term mission team? Congratulations! Below is information you will need to read, fill out, and sign as a part of your trip preparation.

Missions Team Member Selection

If you are selected for a PCC Short Term Mission Team, you will be informed by the team leader personally.  The Managed Missions site will then become the portal for communication to your team leader, a source for required team documents, and a place for you to track your fundraising status and roles on the team.  Please check in to this site often.  (Minors should include their parents in their application and Managed Missions registration process.  Parents should have full access to all their child's data. Please contact your team leader for help.)

Team Covenant Required

Your team leader will require you to sign a Short-Term Mission Team Covenant.  This outlines the commitment that you are making to the team and is required for all short term trips.  Please click on the link to the covenant above, digitally sign this form, and submit for your team leader's records as your agreement to this commitment.