Jon & Kate Shaw

Associate Missionaries serving in Beni, Congo (DRC)

Partnering in the kingdom-building vision of Congo Initiative to empower transformational young leaders in the Democratic Republic of Congo through primary and university education, sustainable energy, research and entrepreneurship projects. email Jon, email Kate


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  • For stability and peace in the war-torn region of North Kivu, and our town Beni in particular
  •  For our community and particularly young leaders in Beni who are stepping out in faith but face huge obstacles due to regional violence, health threats and extreme economic instability
  • For our family to remain connected in vision and on mission together as Jonathan travels frequently. We have relocated our home base to Kenya to obtain therapy and school support for our son Eliot who has a rare genetic syndrome called Trisomy 9p
  • For Jon and his young team of Congolese leaders as they scale up the first solar mini-grid company in North Kivu, potentially providing power and livelihoods for thousands of Congolese citizens who currently have none


The Shaws in Congo

2307 Stone Rd

Ann Arbor, MI 48105


Jon: January 28

Kate: April 27

Anniversary: August 7

Graham: February 1

Eliot: June 28

Our Story

Both Jonathan and Kate grew up as missionary kids in east Africa, and always felt a call to live as a part of God’s kingdom

and community in Africa.  


In 2008 a dear friend and godly visionary David Kasali invited the Shaws to join in the work of Congo Initiative (CI) in the troubled town of Beni in North Kivu, DRC. Jonathan gained a master’s degree and Ph.D. with the intention of assisting at CI’s flagship university (UCBC) 

and our family moved to Congo in 2013. 


In the years since, God has called us into a deep and rich community in Beni, where we have experienced the unstoppable faith and love of our fellow believers in spite of many external pressures and difficulties.


Jonathan has used his passion for entrepreneurship and the discipleship of young leaders to initiate UCBC’s research center, a solar mini-grid company, a coffee company, and a small business accelerator project.  He is excited and energized to see the potential of Congo’s next generation, and grateful to work alongside them to provide opportunities for growth and improved livelihoods in Beni and the broader region.


Kate’s background in nursing and healthcare has taken a backseat as she was asked to lead the establishment of CI’s primary school, Acadèmie Bilingue du Congo (ABC).  She has loved seeing the impact of a new educational model on the children and families being served, as well as the young leaders and teachers who have become part of the growing team.  Kate continues to support ABC’s development from a distance in Nairobi, but misses being part of the day-to-day life of the school. 


 Graham and Eliot’s open hearts and friendly attitudes continue to blossom in our Kenya setting.  As we accommodate a number of short and long-term guests and “family members” in our home, they are a wonderful part of the hospitality that our family is called and blessed to extend.