Mark & Lois Shaw

PCC Missionaries serving in Nairobi, Kenya

Leadership and institutional development at Africa International University (AIU) and with Africa by Design Safaris, “To invest in African Christian leaders who are changing their world and to inspire North Americans to join them in that mission” 

Mark & Lois serve with Africa Inland Mission. Mark is on the faculty of AIU and directs its Centre for World Christianity. Mark has recently been added to the staff at PCC as the Director of Adult Education. Lois is involved in leadership and institutional development with AIU and Africa by Design Safaris, a voluntourism organization that enables successful North American women to partner with women leaders in Africa to find creative and sustainable solutions to alleviate poverty. 

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Jonathan, married to Kate (Graham & Eliot) see their info on "Our Missionaries," "Africa"

Anne, married to Michael White (Conner & William)


Chris Hamilton


Glendale, Lamb's Creek, & Poquoson

Pray & Connect


  • For the exciting growth of AIU
  • For the army of godly, ethical men and women God is raising up to be the change-makers of Africa
  • For Mark’s six “Timothies” who he is mentoring through their PhDs at AIU’s Centre for World Christianity — pray for these men and women who are doing rigorous academic research that will be used by the global church for years to come
  • For Lois as she works on her Doctor of Ministry degree and hosts teams of North American women who go for two-week visits to learn from African women leaders  


Mark: November 6

Lois: May 23

Anniversary: December 12

“God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of love, power and common sense.”  — 2 Timothy 1:7